Why polygamy in Kenya will bring so much bad than good

Why polygamy in Kenya will bring so much bad than good

 “Instead of marrying another woman later, marry all the women at once. That way you will all start from scratch together.”

Naomi( My mummy)

On March 2014, Kenya’s Parliament passed a bill allowing men to marry multiple wives.. Polygamy is common among traditional communities in Kenya, as well as among the country’s Muslim community. Read more…

The passing of this bill had mixed reactions and until recently, I never really thought of the issue because I have never thought of marriage on a serious point of view. What led to the topic coming up? Mrs. Munene aka Naomi or as I prefer to call her, mummy.

My mum has turned out to be one of my biggest fans because we got to write this blog together. We discussed this matter for long not because Papa wants to get a new wife( which I refuse to imagine) but because mummy has our best interests at heart. She said alot of things that made so much sense. This is not my niche but I opt to write about it to give mummy a voice. A voice to let you know why passing this bill is unfair to most and also a very bad idea.

And I will quote her:

” Polygamy has been around before I was born, I agree. My father had two wives. But just because something has existed since the biblical times does not mean that it is right or wrong. But these simple facts, sweetheart, are what make polygamy unacceptable.

  1. If polygamy has been legalized, why advocate for family planning? One man will have 5 wives, three children from each wife(or more), and that sums up to 15 or more children per family. Alternatively, why can’t a man have one wife and three kids, making it 3-5 children in one family.

  2. Polygamy leads to poverty. How? We all know that some men will not think things through when getting many wives. Each woman has needs, and those needs are expensive. Add children to the equation and this creates a whole new level of below poverty class. 

  3. It will lead to more hatred and issues within the family. Take an example where wife number one is Njeri, number two is Kendi, number three is Achieng’ and number four is Charlotte(Generation x). If we look at reality, and the mental capacity of women, only one woman will wind up alive after the first year. What will this do to the economy? I will let you answer this one in the comments.

  4. After years of struggle and sacrifice to get to a certain level of material riches, what makes anyone think that a woman would let all of that go to waste or just be shared with another woman who does not understand the struggle. Her’s will be just feasting on what she found without really caring about how it was acquired and keeping most to herself too. What happens to the first wife and her children? If there should be a second wife, then leave all the property to the first wife and start all over again with the new wife.”

Hope it makes sense to you because come to think of it, I do not think I can support polygamy. It is just not right. Let me know in the comments what you think.

Also, let me know what polygamy to you means. Does polygamy only mean a man getting more than one wife or because of gender equality, women can have more than one husbnad too? Food for thought.


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