Why days seem short and years even shorter

We seem to be living in a time lapsing earth nowadays. Years ago, days seemed to move much slower and years were normal.

I am sometimes made to believe that we are living in a world that is changing so much every single day. It is getting hotter, times are getting harder, there are vices everywhere, we wake up to a different ugly story every other day and are we just not tired of the oppression which has extended to the children?

The Theories

There are many theories surrounding why days seem short and one of them is that the earth is spinning faster and far away from the sun. In my opinion, this makes no sense because time is still 24 hrs a day,. Unless there is some sort of wizard or witch who keeps changing time everywhere. 

Theory number two states that the end days are near and as time passes, days get shorter to make the end days come faster. First of all, what the hell?! And secondly, who came up with this theory to begin with. It is as absurd as it is unrealistic. Many people have different opinions about the end days and I am almost certain that days will not be shorter so that the end days can be here.

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Short Story

But in reality, time just seems to fly by as we grow older. This is because when you are younger everything is new. An example is the following story which will make you understand better:

‘ A father was reading a newspaper when his 5 year old daughter came up to him. Her birthday was coming soon and she wanted to go to Mombasa since she had never been to Mombasa. It was in December and at this time of the month, we all know how everything is expensive and limited. Getting to Mombasa would be hard not to mention expensive. 

So the father told her that she would have to wait till end March the following year. The daughter did not understand the concept of money. All she wanted to do was go to Mombasa. So the little girl could not understand why they had to postpone till March. That seemed like forever. The father just laughed and added that March was just around the corner and it would be March before she even knew it.The little girl of course threw tantrums and promised not to eat forever.’


When we grow older, we get more responsibilities and time then starts to fly by because we feel that we do not have enough time for everything. When we are young, we have little or no responsibilities. I guess that is why time flies by when we are busy and seems to be dragging by when we are idle. 

Have you ever wondered why weekends and holidays are shorter? 

When you are also looking forward to or want  something so bad, it seems to come to you much slower and when it is finally there, it also just seems to go away so fast. Kind of explains why the long years were the years when bad things happened.  When you are sick, broke or bored, time drags by. 

My Thoughts

I feel like when you are not fully experiencing each minute, time moves faster. When we are younger, we get to experience things for the first time. First day at school, first relationship, first friends, first job and the list goes on. As we grow older, the list becomes shorter. I therefore tend to think that if you want your days longer, you need to seek new adventures and new experiences. That is why during the holidays you should visit different places and try to do new exciting things. 

So, we should by now understand why January seemed shorter. I feel like every January, people are broke and we have learnt how to deal with it. In the past few years, most of us were experiencing January as independent people but now we know better. So, if you have more than three experiences of the same thing, the fourth time you kind of figure it out. So January seemed shorter because most of us have experienced it before. 

Understanding science is fun, right?

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