Awesome must try Valentine’s day ideas for you in 2019

Awesome must try Valentine’s day ideas for you in 2019


On Valentine’s day, we basically commemorate the death of Valentine who was killed by Claudius II around 269 AD. Valentine was beheaded because of his disregard of the law and for the refusal to renounce his faith of Christianity. He basically married couples in secret after Claudius II ordered that single men were not to get married so that they could join the army. This is because men were not enlisting to join the army and so Claudius II concluded that they were not doing so because the men were married and had families. After his death, which is believed to be on the 14th of February in 496 AD, Pope Gelasius proclaimed February 14th as the day in which St. Valentine would be honored for his martyrdom.

During 1847, Ester Howland of Worcester, Massachusetts, began the mass printing of Valentine’s Day cards. Since then, the practice of gifting a card to a loved one became popular. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different ways. And in 2019, these are some of the ways you can celebrate this special day:

1. Surprise your loved one with a gift:

I am pretty sure everyone loves a nice gift. At least I know I do. What does he or she like? What would they like? Such gifts are the kind that we say come from the heart with love. Give gifts to those you care about deeply. Valentine’s to me includes family and friends not just spouses. You can opt to shop at Jumia for a gift.

Alternatively, for men, you can get a rattan bag for your girl, sister, friend or mom. The rattan bag goes for Kshs 3500 which is now discounted to kshs 3000 on Torik Merch. You can also get them perfume, shoes, jewelry, a phone case, a cute mug or whatever you think they will fancy. 

2. Go to a restaurant that is on your bucket list :

If you are a dinner and wine type of person, you will thank me later. If you are single, please ignore both number 1 and 2 and jump right into 3. But since you are still reading, you can still cook for yourself and take yourself to dinner. You love yourself, right? Alternatively, you can round up your single friends and celebrate together.





3. Go to the movies:

There is nothing as good as a good movie with your best friend on a special day. You can watch a movie in the house but I feel like heading to the theater is much better that an in-house thing.





4. See a comedy show.

I have been to Churchill Show and it is very amazing, you get to laugh and what is better than a good laugh? So, find a comedy show around you and go add the days of your living.





5. Get a couples massage.

Relax and just enjoy each others company as you get a massage because I am sure you deserve it, and I also said so.





6. Travel


This may be a road trip to Nanyuki, Mombasa or Nakuru, or you can opt to fly out to a dream destination if your bank account allows it. As long as you are having fun and you still get to spend time with each other, then go for it. Just make sure you catch that sunset because there is nothing like a perfect Valentine without a good sunset and a glass of good wine or champagne.




7. At home staycation

Switch off your phone, cook together, light candles, turn on the music, play a game, watch a movie, take out your best dress or suit and just enjoy each others company at home. This reminds me of Hallmark movies.





8.For the single ones.

Round up your single friends and do something fun. Maybe you will find someone you might like. You can go to a live band, you can go out clubbing, you can still take a road trip, you can host or go to a game night and if you are really not feeling it, you can just sleep. Some weirdos would also buy themselves flowers and chocolate and write themselves a card. Cheers to self love, right?

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