My Thoughts about Blogging A Year Later

My Thoughts about Blogging A Year Later

Do it!

Blogging has never been easy. How do I make you understand? Have you ever tried doing something you were afraid of doing? Have you ever ventured into something whose outcome you were unsure of? And when you finally did it, what feeling did you have? Blogging is that thing for me.

Blogging to me was something that I chose to do for fun. Not because I knew that at the end of the day I would earn anything. My blog is a year old on 11th of January and I feel so grateful to God for helping me conquer the fears I had before I started Torik Diaries. I was  unsure about how I was going to do it but here I am.


There are times I felt like quitting especially when I was not in the mood to write. Funny thing is, no one ever tells you that blogging is a full time job that requires time and energy. It does not help that many bloggers make it seem easy too. It is not easy at all. You have to come up with content that will keep your audience hooked and engaged. Torik Diaries has a long way to go, I know. And I have so much work to put into my blog before I can start making the big bucks.

Getting to 2.8K subscribers is not easy at all. And having the pressure to deliver does not make it any easier. But staying authentic and true to yourself helps you a little. To me, blogging is a source of comfort and I find it therapeutic. It kind of takes the edge off and my mind relaxes since I have learnt to deal with stress by writing. You might find it weird but to me it is genius because not many people have a way of dealing with stress.

Why I started my blog

Anyway, 1 year of blogging has helped me rediscover the things I loved before. To be really honest, every time I open my website to write a blog, I get an adrenaline rush. I find it ever so calming and I find myself lost in my own world once I start typing. There was a certain point in my life around October 2018 that I went into a dark place. Just to clarify, dark place means that I was going through so much at the same time and I felt that my brain would crush. 

My body gave in a lot of times to the stress and the pressure. I still remember the many days I cried myself to sleep. I can not count the number of times I knelt down to pray to God that my days would be better. And I can not count the number of times I felt like giving up. Need I say that I also cried myself to sleep many times. 

Starting out

My miracle happened when I decided to write my first blog on the first Monday of November and a certain Marlon and Mwenda left me very beautiful comments on the blog. It reminded me of why I started blogging in the first place. The whole of November was spent working on myself and I truly found my comfort. I love how blogging made me feel and I wrote every Monday and Thursday of November without fail. In December I did not write as much because I literally had no time for it because I was busy celebrating me. (insert cheeky laughter)

I think blogging is a beautiful way of expressing myself and also, it is a way to reach out to other people and let  them know that there is someone who cares and that they are not alone. Your Mental Health matters. I hope you know that.

This was supposed to be a very short blog so I will end it here. See you on Thursday and HAPPY NEW YEAR FAM. I need a name for my fans by the way.

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