Travelling hacks and tips | Tales of a lone female traveller

Travelling hacks and tips | Tales of a lone female traveller

“Overcoming fear is the most courageous act of all times”

Tori Karambu

I have had those days when I didn’t want to go to some place because of the hustle. Waking up early, packing, travelling, getting to my destination in time etc.

But I have managed to gather a few tips and hacks that have helped me a whole lot. These include;

Pack light. Do not carry heavy luggage that will stress you out. Carry what you need and leave a little space for new items( because you might buy some).

Have a rough itinerary. Let us just all agree that feeling and being organised helps you not ony by reducing your budget but also making sure that you have exhausted everything in your to-do list. Just have a rough written plan of the places you want to visit and the activities that you will be doing if you don’t want to feel as though you didn’t exhaust everything.

If you can, have someone see you offI kid you not, you will feel lonely if you go the airport, bus stop, train station etc alone. I find it exhausting too. But if someone is there to see you off, somehow, it takes the load of your shoulders and mentally you feel more at ease.

Book for your means of transport early and be there on time. It will prevent you from last minute rushes which are so costly and will ensure that you actually have a means of transportation

Always pack a day before you travel. Unless you want to forget the little important things

Do not travel when unwell or when you are less on cash. There is no uncomfortable journey as that of a sick person and a broke person.

Roll clothes instead of folding.

Invest in quality traveling equipment. May it be toiletry bags, bottles or a good quality traveling bag. Get something that will last you a lot of years instead of spending money on new items every year.

Get a good sitting position. For me, I prefer by  the window so I can take photos and videos.

There is nothing like too many photos. Take as many as you want.

Do not carry fluids exceeding 100 ml when flying because you will either have to pay for them (which by the way is more expensive than the fluid) or confiscate them. This is actually from my own personal experience.

Stick with the suits. By this I mean, stay with the business travelers. They seem more put together, are fast and quiet and they also seem to know what they are doing. Family and holiday makers are just too loud, slow and confused and do not know what to do.

Do not be afraid to take tours. There is a thrill in breaking away from the group. I personally feel like I am on a school tour when in a crowd and these tours are just too damn expensive, boring and a waste of time. Break free, you will thank me later.

When travelling, dress as if you are at home. It keeps you comfortable. Do not  wear those heels because we all know you are showing off.

Do not dismiss what is at your doorstep. Exhaust what is in your locality. You will be shocked at the many amazing places you can go to and it is relatively cheaper as compared to travelling out of town or out of the country .

Take many trips instead of one big trip. This mostly applies to those people that are working. Instead of taking one massive annual leave, take a trip during weekends. That way, you will still save your leave days and also have fun. Why exhaust your days at once and wait for a whole year till you get more. Unrealistic, right?

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