Top 5 must try Chinese restaurants in Nairobi city

Top 5 must try Chinese restaurants in Nairobi city

And the restaurants topic finally came up!!

“Happiness rarely keeps company on an empty stomach,” says a bunch of other people and I. Since the beginning of time, the way to a man’s heart(woman inclusive) has been food. Good food to be precise. Why woman inclusive? Well, you should try calming a hungry woman. That’s the reason for the saying a hungry woman is an angry woman and most of the times, an angry woman is a hungry woman.

Anyway, there are thousands of recipes across the globe. Food is actually a basic need. When we talk food, one of the cuisines that comes to my mind is Chinese. The most praised Chinese Cuisines are Chuan, Lu, Yue and Huaiyang. These Cuisines represent West, North, South and East China respectively. I developed a liking for Chinese food in 2016 when some friend insisted I take Chinese. My first experience was Chinese egg fried rice with Prawns and since then, Chinese became one cuisine that I explore now and then.

In Nairobi( Kenya), we are fortunate enough to have the best Chinese restaurants in the country. I would want your first experience (for those dying to try chinese food out) and other Chinese food adventures to be great. Here are the top 5 must try Chinese restauran in Nairobi.

1. Taste of China Restaurant

Taste of China tops the list as my favorite Chinese restaurant. It is located in Westlands(VIP plaza). From chicken, sizzling beef and crispy duck to the amazing sea food, Taste of China just sees to it that you go back for more. The bill can be as low as ksh 200 for prawn crackers and you can go as high as you want.I definitely recommend Taste if China. For more information visit Eatout Africa or Yum

2. Zen Garden Restaurant

Located in the scenic surroundings of spring valley, Zen Garden offers a variety of cuisines. Chinese cuisine is found in the Bamboo menu and their cocktails are mind blowing.

3. For You Chinese Restaurant

This one is located along Gitanga road, Lavington. One feature that is really nice about this restaurant is the presence of a kid zone and a menu that adequately caters for the vegans. This is another must try.

4. Double Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Double dragon Chinese restaurant is located at The Junction Mall along Ngong Rd. It has five private dining rooms which is a plus when you want family privacy. The Chinese barbecue is out of this planet and you will want to take some for the road too.

5. China Plate Restaurant

Located in Chancery building along Valley Rd, China Plate restaurant falls in at number 5 . It is renowned for its Szechwan Chinese Cuisine. Try the Chinese tea and their sizzling veggies and you will be a Chinese tea lover and a vegan.

Well, apart from these 5, there are other restaurants which offer great food. I just chose my top 5. Email me if you want me to write about any particular topic, don’t forget to like, comment, share widely and if you have not subscribed, subscribe. If you want to get notifications when I immediately post, tick the notification box.

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