The 10 best hotels in Meru county hotels – 2017

The 10 best hotels in Meru county hotels – 2017

Meru County has some of the most beautiful yet affordable hotels in Kenya. Apart from beautiful hotels, the county is home to the Ameru tribe of Kenya and has 9 constituencies. It is also home to Meru National Park which hosted Elsa the lioness in the 60’s.

Cultural diversity, adventure and fun destinations plus the cool climate definitely favors adventure are some of the features about the county. Meru is also my home since I was born and raised there. I even attended primary school and high school in Meru.

You will need food and shelter while visiting Meru. So among the many hotels, here are some of the best hotels to check into.

10. Paramount Hotel

Paramount Hotel offers you value for your money. You can access shopping centers and social amenities since it’s located in Meru Town. So if you want to be in town often, or you want to sleep there, this is the hotel for you.

9. West Wind Hotel

West wind hotel is a modern classic hotel, Situated along Meru- Maua Road, about 275 kilometers from the capital Nairobi. It is actually a short distance from Makutano, Meru which is a small town.

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8. Hotel Three Steers

It is located approximately 1 Km from Nakumatt which is a few meters off Meru to Nanyuki Highway. This in turn is  2 Km from Meru town center and in proximity to Nanyuki Airport and Samburu Airport. Hotel Three Steers offers affordable quality services which include airport shuttle services and car hire.

It has very beautiful views and with a recent upgrade, you get beautiful views and rooms as well as better services. This is a must try.

7. Hotel Elsa

Elsa hotel offers high rated catering and a comfortable setting with privacy. They offer delicious meals and the 3.5 acre plot ensures that you get a good view of the landscape.

6. Meru Slopes Hotel

Meru Slopes Hotel is a modern hotel situated at the heart of Meru County. This is in the Mt. Kenya Region that graces the famous Mount Kenya which is the second largest mountain in Africa.

It is strategically placed near Meru National Park and 300m to Meru central business district. It is also 30 kilometers South of Isiolo International Airport and 60 kilometers Southwest to the famous Samburu National Park. Definitely a value for money. Read more

5. Hotel Alba

Hotel Alba offers special packages for special occasions, a variety of cuisines and excellent services. It has ultra modern facilities with bold and elegant architecture and they won the 2015 TripAdvisor certificate of excellence.

The services are very great not to mention its proximity to social amenities and Meru Town and Makutano, Meru.

4. iKWETA Safari Camp

iKWETA is a three-star rated establishment which oozes elegance. It is located just two kilometers from Meru National Park(where the legend of Elsa began).

iKWETA gives you the opportunity to explore the wild side of Meru. This is because it is in close proximity to Meru National Park.  This is definitely in my bucket list for 2018.

3. Rhino River Camp

Rhino River Camp sits on a 80 acre privately owned wilderness right at the edge of Meru National Park. It is made up of 8 luxurious cottages built from caramel canvas and hardwood. Whether you choose to meditate in their meditation sections, or take a walk or swim, Rhino River Camp ensures you have it all. 

What is better that experiencing a real African Safari and goes all the way to your room? Nothing!

2. Leopard Rock Lodge

Leopord Rock Lodge is a five star luxury lodge. It is known for its excellent gastronomic cuisine, sophisticated amenities and ability to host events. The hotel is actually the only lodge in Meru capable of catering for a business conference with its fully equipped conference room for up to 30 people. 

To be really honest, I have not visited the lodge yet but I will definitely include it in my 2019 bucket list.

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1. Elsa’s Kopje

Elsa’s Kopje is almost invisible to the eye since it is located in the heart of Meru National Park on a small Mughwango rock hill that offers 360° views. Below the hill is the site of George Adamson’s camp.

Elsa the lioness used to play at the Mughwango Rock Hill. This is definitely a landmark since history was made here in 1960. There is actually a whole story about the landmark. This is the story of Joy and George Adamson who introduced their lioness Elsa to Meru National Park.

Every cottage is the ultimate ‘room-with-a-view,’ uniquely designed and crafted, incorporating the natural features of the rocky hillside. There is also an open bar, lounge and dining room with an exceptionally inviting infinity pool overlooking the Meru plains.


There are also other beautiful hotels in the county. I may have omitted some of them maybe because I have not been there. Or maybe because I have never heard of them. Feel free to inform me of the various hotels in the comment section and I will surely check them out.

Also, note that the hotels are in no particular order and the numbering is based purely on the count. I hope that this blog helped you find a hotel and that you will visit Meru County ever so often. Watch out for more blogs,

Well, that is the end. Watch out for the next article on interior decoration and keep the requests coming. Comment, like, share, subscribe and tell a friend to tell a friend.

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