The art of not giving a hoot

The art of not giving a hoot

Today we will master the art of not  giving a hoot. We only have ourselves to blame when we get disappointed by people. Usually, if we did not think so highly of people, then we would be hurt,disappointed or shocked less. I always insist that I am a perfectly imperfect person. And if you choose to look at me as a perfect human being, then that is on you. 


A few weeks ago, *Anna called me crying that her best friend had been lying to her. She told me that the best friend used to call her and tell her that her boyfriend was sleeping around. Well, Anna should have ended things with the boyfriend, right?

Anna started growing apart from the boyfriend because she was convinced that her best friend was telling her the truth. Until her boyfriend one day asked whether they could talk. She knew that the boyfriend wanted to break up with her because he had probably found someone better. Poor Anna was devastated because she loved him. She did not want to loose him but at the end of the day she was not going to be selfish enough to let him stay with her if he wanted someone else.


She called him and said that she wanted to break up with him because she felt that they were so far apart emotionally. She then hang up and called me immediately. Thing is, I was honest with her. I did not tell her that what she did was right. It was wrong in all possible ways. Breaking up over call was wrong, and so was believing her best friend without asking the guy. 

I know, men cheat a whole lot. Women are not saints either. But instead of persecuting either parties, can we always at least learn to hear out the other person. Maybe, get to understand their side of the story before jumping into conclusions.

The enemy to a woman is either she or another woman 

Victoria Karambu

Anna’s boyfriend showed up at her apartment as we were talking and Anna had to hang up to talk with the guy. And that is how Anna ended up being more hurt than she was with the break up. 

The bad friend

Apparently, the best friend went behind her back to feed lies to her boyfriend that Anna was a pathological liar and that she was cheating on him with several men. She was apparently even sleeping with married men. I had known Anna for more than 10 years and she literally told me everything. She was incapable of all that.

It was such a shame that the best friend would come up with such malicious lies and to top it off, feed those lies to her boyfriend. I have no idea what Anna was going through. She valued her reputation and this must have been very devastating for her.

I have had people say mean things about me that are lies and they actually hurt till I decided to not care about what people say. Be nice, be mean, the outcome is the same. People will always have something negative to say. Especially those people that think they know you. I know Kim Kardashian too. LOL

No hoots given

She confronted the best friend but till today, the ex best friend acts weird and tries to avoid her. ‘If you are right and you know what you are saying is right, why the hell would you disappear and act like a coward?’ Anna asked me. And she was right.

Poor Anna still does not believe that the psycho ex friend tried to break her up with the boyfriend. But the question is, why would the girl try such a thing? What was there to gain?  Leave your comment down below if you have an answer. 

Anna and the boyfriend are much closer now. They have always banked on total honesty and that one setback taught them a valuable lesson. I hope you learnt the lesson too because I did.

Sometimes it is wise to walk away from certain people or situations. There is only one person that you should please. And that is God. As for you, just be you, do you and live your life. The world is going to adjust.

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