Nanyuki Fun Weekend Getaway, Kenya

Nanyuki Fun Weekend Getaway, Kenya
Nanyuki Air BnB villa. Gives you the life in the wild feel.

 It was not my first time travelling to Nanyuki . This was actually the tenth if not twentieth time I was going there. So, it all started with a phone call. And to be honest I had my plans for the weekend but shout out to the gang that made me change my plans. 

Shout out to our amazing photographer, Vincent Odero, who made sure our memories were nicely frozen.

Nanyuki is cold since it is near the famous Mt Kenya. It also happens to lie at the equator which is the zero degrees latitude that divides our earth horizontally into two. Enough of the geography talk. I love geography and I could go on and on about it till I finish a book. I call it the price I have to pay for being a free spirit.

The journey to nanyuki

We were supposed to leave on Friday morning but the person organizing the trip was not keen on communicating the schedule to the rest of us who had no idea of the plans. For one, we had no itinerary, so we were just blindly going for this trip. In case you read this, do not take any offense Warren. I love you buddy. Anyway, I am just chilling in bed at 9 am and I get a phone call from Angie saying that we were supposed to leave at 11 am. For some reason, I had not packed anything which is unlike me. I normally pack the night before a trip to avoid last minute rushes. So, fresh out of bed, still hungry and very unprepared, I had less than two hours to get ready.

By the time I was done, it was already half past 11. I know what you are probably thinking. That I was very late and I was probably left by the rest of the gang. But truth this, though I took my time, I was very punctual as compared to the others. Our check in time was 11 am but I can tell you for a fact that we did not check in any time close to 11 am.


So, Angie and Warren were the first people to get ready and they passed by my place to pick me up. I was done getting ready at this moment and now I was busy rearranging by closet. After a few minutes, we get a call that we are meant to pick someone at the mall. This ended up being a whole series of events and by the time we were heading out, it was 3 pm already. We then later stopped somewhere in Juja, Thika Road, to pick one more person. So in short, our journey started at around 6 pm. The drive to Nanyuki was fun though we missed the beautiful hills and scenery since it was dark.

The Arrival

Along the way we made sure to buy groceries since the villa where we would be staying was an Airbnb. At this point, I will spare you the details of the drive and I will instead jump forward to the arrival. We got to Nanyuki just before 11 am. Some of us were really hungry so we had to look for food. To be honest, it is a little daunting getting food in some places at that time of the night. Since it was a Friday night, the best option was to go clubbing and buy food while at it. We however had some distance to cover to get to the villa because it is located in the outskirts of Nanyuki, way past the Army Barracks. The roads on those sides are not as good which made the drive a little slow. But boy was it worth it. 


As you drive, you can actually spot zebras, hares, warthogs and dik-diks along the road and it gives you this feeling that you have finally escaped from everyone and everything. Have you ever had that fuzzy warm feeling in your stomach when you embark on a trip or when you go somewhere you have never been before? Well, that is how I felt. 

We got to the villa a few minutes to midnight and unfortunately, the estate we were staying at did not allow you to get out past 11 pm. But we live for the thrill and as millenials, sometimes you got to break some rules. On my own I would probably fake something lame but the gang was better at breaking rules than I am. Thank God for such bold minds, right? 

Let me rewind the tape a few minutes back. I did not mention the name of the villas. They are the Mt Kenya Wildlife Estate. See photos below:


Genral View of the Mt Kenya Wildlife Estate Villa

Nanyuki Nightlife

We were hungry and I mean like thrown in a pit to die type of hungry. We were gangster enough to squeeze into one car because we figured that it was the only way we were going to be allowed out of the estate. It definitely worked but by the time we got to Nanyuki town, I could barely feel my legs. I do not want to explain the situation but if you have been to  rural Kenya, especially Meru, you probably know what being squeezed up in a probox feels like. That is if you have used the “taxis”. 


We managed to find a club(my short term memory sucks so I do not remember the name of the club) somewhere in town which had food. We were ten grown adults with the capacity to eat a whole goat, or so we thought. I was personally not as hungry because I felt bloated but when the food came I just had to have a bite, or ten. The amount of food ordered was enough to feed 25 people. Some of us were more hungry than others and the mountain of food soon turned into a hill, then an anthill. The anthill was packed to go because you never throw away or leave good food.

The rest of the night was obviously fun and we partied hard since one of us was turning a year older. 

Let me fast forward to going back home.So since not many of the gang members take alcohol, driving back was not an issue and we got back to the villa just relaxed enough to take more photos. See photos below:


Home library
Home library


On Saturday morning, a few of us had still not gone to sleep because we were waiting for the sunrise. It was worth the wait and it was a spectacular view. It was the right bit of chilly and the morning air is always the most fresh. Animals were starting to wake up and from the balconies you can actually see animals down below roaming in the vicinity. 

Someone must have left one of the car doors open too and some monkeys invited themselves into the car. They confidently helped themselves to the tomatoes and by the time someone realized the mistake, the mischievous creatures were halfway into our only supply. Other than that, we had a beautiful view of the sunrise with Mt Kenya peeping from the horizon. Need I mention that the view is a sight to remember? See photos below:

Nanyuki sunrise
Nanyuki Sunrise
Torik Diaries
African Monkey in the wild


I once heard that if you are looking to slow time down, travel more. But it is also funny how time flies fast when you are busy or having fun. Anyway, we were supposed to leave for other activities but by the time we were all up it was too late. So we ended up staying in. Some of us explored the wild (me) alone and others opted staying in the comfort and safety of the villa. Later after a simple yet oddly satisfying and delicious lunch, we had another photo shoot. See photos below:



We obviously went out again on Saturday night but before doing that, we played heads up and charades and pranked everyone who had decided to not play. A friend and I decided that using cooking pots was good a prank as any other. The lids against the pots next to a person who is asleep is enough to get you sent to the ER. So do not try that at home. We got everyone awake just in time to get another photo shoot in the Nanyuki cold. And yes, we had lots of photos taken. 

See photos below:



Last day

Sunday morning came. We were late again for another activity as usual but we still had photos taken. I generally enjoyed the trip even though we barely got to do anything. We have lots of photos to make up for it though. 


PS: We took the trip in May and yeah it has taken me months to write this blog. I am still trying to find balance and soon I will be back with more blogs hopefully every other week. 

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Travel more, worry less and yes,tomorrow will be better. 

Much love.


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