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Everyone loves traveling, right? But honestly, very few people can afford travelling as much as they would want to. This year, I am bringing you a new segment called the county edition where I am going to visit each of the 47 counties in Kenya. A friend of mine proposed this to me months ago and I am finally making it happen. Thank you Ireen.

In some of the trips, I am going to have friends over, or my boyfriend. And in some other trips, I will be alone. I will also be trying to spend as little money as I can. I have no idea how I am going to do it since this is something that I have never tried before. But I will try  it anyway. One female, 47 counties. I will start from county 001 all the way to county 047.

What will I do exactly?

If you are not Kenyan, each county has a code between 001 to 047. I will therefore be starting with Mombasa which is county 001. Also, I will be at the same time handling my other business which is Torik Merch , blogging, making YouTube videos and being anywhere else I will be required. Can’t lie, I am both scared and I think it is a very weird idea. I am still looking forward to the adventure anyway. I will also be covering other stories which I can not reveal as of now but you will see soon enough. 

What do I look forward to the most?

I am really excited about experiencing different cultures, meeting new people and creating new stories. But above all, I am excited about showing how beautiful my country is. I am also looking forward to the new experiences. My hope is that I will be strong enough even when I feel like I am overwhelmed. 

What am I dreading?

Well, I am totally dreading the pressure I am going to have to give myself. I am very scared of giving up because I know how much work I am giving myself. I love the idea of travelling but I hate the idea of being on a bus, flight or train. It is tiring. I also dread what my bank account will look like after this but I bet the experience will be worth it.

 But as I said, I will be budgeting like my life depends on it. I am not rich, and I am nowhere close to being rich. I am just a kawaida mwananchi who is going to show you how you can travel like a pro and literally even end up spending nothing. 

This girl’s got some tricks up her sleeve that I have learnt off other travel bloggers. I hope that they will work for me because if they do not, then I will be one broke human being. 

How are you going to do it? 

To be totally honest, I do not know. I have my camera ready, tripod stand, back pack, sunscreen, sunglasses and anything else I would need to travel. Along the way, I think I will be hoping that a miracle comes from heaven. This is because the planning I will be doing will require advanced mathematics and a lot of ancient history. 

What can your readers and fans expect?

I am hoping that I will be able to document everything including hurdles to help you get to those destinations. I will be posting videos, writing blogs, posting photos on my social media and taking the photos myself. This means that all footage or photos will be raw and the rights will be reserved of course.

Apart from that, you should be able to get ideas of what to do and where to go even with a small budget. I am putting that person who can not travel because they have no idea where they should go into consideration. And that person who can barely afford to travel is also my goal’s priority. My sole aim is to promote local tourism. 

Why now?

This is a rather personal question but I will let you know a little about why I chose this. I will not go to details but it is In Memory of a Special Someone who loved traveling and they did not get to. So I want to help everyone travel. It does not matter who they are, what they do or where they come from. 

I hope my content will inspire you to live more and travel more. 

See you soon … 

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