My Top 8 Must Read Kenyan Travel Bloggers

My Top 8 Must Read Kenyan Travel Bloggers

As a travel and mental health blogger(weird combination, I know), I read a lot of blogs to learn and to also steal ideas. Who am I kidding? I research from other bloggers, I learn everything I can and trust me, Kenya is blessed with very good bloggers. 

Some of the travel blogs I enjoy reading include:

Are you confused about how, where and when you are going to travel? This is where you just opt to google the hell out of every idea you got. Kenyan Backpacker blogs are basically life savers. Oh, did I mention that you can easily get sleeping bags from the Kenyan Backpacker too!!

I personally love the adventure stories. It is just like reading a story book, only that the stories are very real and livable. I am yet to live the Hidden Gems: Lake Ol-Bolosat and Kichakani Paradise story

I just noticed that every blogger I read has Kenya in their name. I have not read a lot of The Kenyan Camper’s blogs but I am always captivated by the blogs. This is another story teller who will leave you yearning for more. His camping adventures make me want to overcome every fear I have about camping and I kid you not, you always find yourself painting images in the air of how it would be like if that was you. Check him out.

4. The lady with a map

She basically fascinates me. According to her, she apparently has a 8-5 job but she still has time to travel the world. Her adventures will make you question your life. Like what is wrong with you? Why can’t you stop being lazy and explore the world? You do not have to be balling out of control to travel because she has everything for everyone. Including you and me who at the moment can only afford trips around the country.

Thanks to Wangeci, I guess I got to understand the difference between an Embassy and a High Commission. She has traveled far and wide as you will get to learn from her many experiences but I read her blogs to learn stuff. I do not want to be out here sounding like a damn fool when I got bloggers like Wangeci.

From tips to amazing photography, Mwarv never disappoints. His captivating photos and amazing trips around the country make you want to quit your job and start doing what he does. He has an eye, that is for sure. He has also written an article about how FH is trying to allleviate poverty in Marsabit. 

I am almost certain that we have all heard of Magical Kenya by The Kenya Tourism Board. I always visit Magical Kenya website to find out when I should go to a certain destination. Of course all the articles are based on Kenyan destinations. Magical Kenya basically aims at boosting and promoting local tourism. For those who do not know Swahili, there is an option to learn Swahili from their website. There are also options for where to go, what to see and what to do. I do recommend this website.

8. Torik DIARIES

There is no way I was going to forget this one. Torik Diaries is a fast growing blog. If you are looking for a different type of adventure, something to make you pee your pants and make yoyou have an adrenaline rush, or something fascinating, then I suggest you subscribe to her right away. I hear she has something coming up for you guys. Something that will leave you yearning for more each and every day.

The blogs are in no particular order and I would recommend each and every blog. Do you have a favorite blog(s)? Is there someone you would recommend to me?  Or are you a travel blogger and you believe that you are great and I left you out? Please do let me know in the comments.

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