My Blogging Journey

My Blogging Journey

My choices are a reflection of who I am and what I stand for as a person. So, let your choices do the inspiring for you too…

Tori Karambu

The beginning..

The first steps are really important

I recently published an article on how I started blogging and Kamau, which might or might not be the real name, pointed out that I should have included the challenges faced, the pros and cons, the experience and the effort put into blogging in general. I do admit that it was a very excellent suggestion and I decided to embark on telling my journey to those interested. So Kamau, this is also for you and thanks for the suggestion.

I will just skip the details of where it all began because all that is included in my previous article. If you missed that blog, click here.


I will instead start from the day I started blogging. June, 2017 was when it all began. I remember being in bed and thinking about the many times I had started a blog and gave up on it because I was too scared that I was a terrible writer and no one would like my content. My campus days were finally over and I was really excited about the fact that I now had my degree. Lazily, I decided to dream about what I would name my blog if I decided to get serious and write one.

Honestly, I did not think much about the blog name because I had Torik in mind since it is my name. I had thought of other names but I wanted what I wrote to be a documentation of my thoughts and experiences and Torik Diaries was just perfect to me.


After choosing my name, since I was fascinated about the whole idea of travel, I decided to write about it. An idea that over a year later would affect me. I had a friend make a simple logo for me which would represent my new brand. See below

I then created my account on wordpress under the free plan. The reason why I chose this plan was because I wanted to give myself a few months time period to help me decide whether it was  what I really wanted to do before investing in it, and I was also on a very tight budget.

The Niche

I remember  my first blog being  about tips on how to travel with kids. Click here to read. I do not have kids but I am obsessed with the many nephews and nieces I have and I guess this is why I decided to write this particular article. Looking back, I think I was an amateur who had no clue about how blogging works. Anyway, we learn through our mistakes.

Well, mistake or not, this blog got more than 50 hits on the first day and to be honest, I was really excited about it. It felt nice that people were actually interested in and were reading my blog. My first readers were from all over the world too.   

I was at first not as consistent as I wanted to be because the WiFi in our apartment was really slow and I hated using my own mobile network data bundles. We all know how mobile data disappears. So to me, that was a serious drawback and many are the times I wanted to delete my account.

In October, I started my Youtube channel and to be honest, I was not even sure about how I was going to  manage both of them. I did both of them anyway. 

The investment…

January , 2018 saw me take a step back and look at what I had been doing with both my Youtube and Blog. I was actually in love with blogging and making videos. What really got me excited was the fact that each time I was writing or editing a video, I felt lost in the moment. This definitely happens to date.

So, early this year, I had a friend who is really good at creating websites help me out at a friendly fee and voila, I had my own website.… Saying this out loud still makes me smile because it has no in it. My own website gives me freedom to organize, schedule and edit my posts however I want. Other than that, I changed my logo. See below:


I do not want to sound like a perfect blogger because I am nothing close to that. I have my ups and downs and the worst is writers block. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to write. You know what, scratch that! I do not just feel, I sometimes literally have nothing to write about. I even do not want to write or make videos sometimes. And the ugly thing is that when you are the boss of you, no one is there to push you. 

So you have to shout at you, pat you on the back, reward you, push you, give you a break and pay you. I do not know how other bloggers do it but sometimes I just feel like deleting the whole thing and doing something else. But I also remember why I started doing it and I remind myself how far I have come. There is also a series that throws me back into it …The Bold Type … which you can check out.


Back to the journey… I had been blogging and vlogging about travel, as I mentioned, till most recently. I had this meeting and was asked one question that caught me off-guard. If you know me, you probably know that I like to be prepared about everything. I was asked what my ultimate goal or vision was. Simple question, I know. But I literally had no answer for some reason. 

Thing is, I was so concentrated on blogging that I did not know why I was doing it. I was just doing it because I love creating. On my recent interview on KU TV, which I was watching as I wrote this blog, I also felt that I did not have a goal and trust me, that sucks.


I always wanted to give back, I did a degree in health and I was not traveling every week… So, why was I doing travel again? The whole idea of traveling is great. Traveling is also fun. But honestly, I do not want to be a travel blogger forever. To me, it would mean taking you on every trip I make. And as much as this sounds fun, that is not what I want. I like the privacy I get from getting to visit places and I do not want to have to film all that. I love all of you, but to me that is something I am not ready for.

Thank God for my friends. One of my friends helped me decide what I wanted. Last week (8/8/2018- I included the date since someone will still read this in the future), I happened to wake up with a very bad tummy ache but I also had a meeting in the afternoon. Being the health freak I am, I decided to go to the hospital before going to my meeting and at the same time, I wanted to be punctual. I went to Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital where I was diagnosed with hyperacidity and later made it to the meeting and I was on time!


After the meeting where all the self-realization happened, I got to find out that I was really passionate about health and that is why I chose to do it in University in the first place. I have always wanted to help those who are unwell because I have had my share of illnesses and that made me feel helpless. Helplessness to me is a bad feeling and I do not like feeling like I can not do something. Inadequacy can also be used to explain the feeling.

Health blogging therefore gives me a better opportunity to give back than travel blogging does. I can help change the outcome of public health issues and diseases through creating awareness. I have a lot to learn but I can assure you that I am excited for it. Now I feel that this is what I really want to do. Also, my logo is about to change again to something that is going to reflect my new niche.

Days later I got diagnosed with peptic ulcers and they hurt. I am sure by now you know where I am going to start. My aim is to provide the correct information by doing ample research about public health diseases from the relevant qualified professionals. 

If I was to be asked what my long term goal is, my answer would be TO CREATE AWARENESS FOR PREVENTION AND MITIGATION OF PUBLIC HEALTH DISEASES.


Edit: In 2019, the goal changed to travelling as far as I can go and being able to tell stories about different people and cultures


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