I have been blessed with very many beautiful children in my life. I am not saying this to brag, but everyone is blessed differently. And to be honest, these children make me want to be a better person.

I know what you are thinking. Do I have a child or children? The answer is I do. I am a proud auntie of two nieces and three nephews and a  big sister to one gorgeous girl. These kids have basically made me a parent without my own knowledge. I am very overprotective of them for reasons best known to mother nature and my animal instincts will always kick in if any of them is in danger or is not okay. But God forbid.

My personal experience

Baby Sister

The first time I ever played adult was when I was in primary school. My mum would let me help with changing, washing or just watching my baby sister. It was my first experience unlike my other sisters. I liked how tiny she looked and how innocent and cute she was. She was and still is a spitting image of me. I did not know then that actual adulthood sucked especially when reality, responsibilities in form of bills and fake people hit you. 

Nieces and Nephews

Then, I was blessed with my first nephew who was very handsome, my gorgeous first niece, then my second adorable nephew, then another very handsome nephew and my little niece who is as adorable as tinker. I literally call her Tinker. I have always loved children, especially when they cannot walk and are harmless. They start talking and walking and you start wondering how they grow so fast. 

The most tight bond is with my first niece and my little sister. Mostly because I have spent more time with them and they are girls. But it does not mean that I love the rest any less. I predict another tight bond with my other niece too. The boys are just boys. They are rough and their angry kicks and punches are the worst. No one should hold that against me because I have been brought up in a household full of girls and for that reason, I am better with girls.

The Aaw Moment

I used to hate baby sitting my first nephew because he was very violent and feeding time was the worst. But there is that special connection that grows when you spend time with them and you get to see them grow. You get to love them like your own and you always want to set a great example. Sometimes, I tend to be very protective of my little sister and if I could prevent her from experiencing disappointments and heartbreaks, I would do it in a heartbeat.

There is not one day that goes without me saying a prayer to God for them. It is a cruel world and I wish they get to experience as little of the ugliness of it as possible. I guess when you love and care for a child, then you know that adulthood will hit, you wish that they stay young.

Special Moments

Understanding when my first niece cries is like a gift. I get her. Her tantrums and tears always mean something. Sometimes she is missing something, sometimes she is just being a girl, sometimes she is mad and disappointed and there are those days when she is just a child. And that is the most special thing about children. Because only they can be children. The rest of us have to care about our own tears and sadness.

My second nephew is our miracle. He is this smart, handsome boy who is fierce and honestly, part of me feels like he would make a very great doctor. Just you wait. Seeing him with half of his front teeth missing is the funniest yet cutest thing ever.

The first time my third nephew winked was because I taught him how to. It was our thing and to me, it was just so precious because I do not get to spend as much time as I would with them. I have missed out on their growing up but I will keep trying to be there as much as I can. Thank Heavens for technology, right?

Tinker’s little tiny self made me melt. I just can not imagine how it felt to the parents. Tinker is not her real name though. I remember her first smile. I am sure you have seen movies especially those parts where a child’s eyes and smile make the strongest of hearts melt. I kid you not. those things are literally true. 

My conclusion

There is something about babies that makes me look forward to the day that I will have mine. There is something about them that make you want that pureness. I guess when you realize how horrible the world can be, your comfort comes from the strangest of places. And I guess mine is children, especially my own nieces, nephews and baby sister. 

Where do you find your comfort?

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