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If you follow me on Instagram or you have my Whatsapp number, then you would understand my struggle of getting some sleep or staying asleep. My sleep patterns changed a long time ago and it took me quite a while to understand the kind of injustice I had done to my body. I will try break down these injustices and how you can avoid them or stop them.

First, you need to understand that I am not a doctor and what I discuss in this article is just my own experience and remedies that worked for me. 

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that results in trouble falling or staying asleep. It may cause drowsiness during the day and your concentration is greatly reduced.

Causes and solutions

  • Eating late: 

 Did you know that eating late could result in gaining weight, heart diseases, low concentration, bad dreams( especially dairy and spicy foods) and INSOMNIA? And do not think that you can exercise at night because it does not help. I was diagnosed with ulcers a few months ago and that was a wake up call for me. All the late night meals and very bad eating habits stopped.

So, I started cooking three meals a day and my meals were scheduled. I even eat more fruits a day than I used to before. I am actually enjoying a good body, good skin and most definitely more confidence and self esteem. All because of being more careful about what I eat and at what time. With time, my sleeping has started normalizing. Did I mention that I rarely eat past 8 unless it is a fruit or water? And that happens one hr before bedtime.

  • Using gadgets too close to bedtime

For the longest time possible, I have been a slave to social media. Friends used to tell me that I love my phone or that I used my phone a lot. Of course I thought they were being judgmental and that I could use my phone however I wanted. I remember my parents confiscating our phones after high school when the phones affected how we did our chores. But with me as an adult, I had to do something. 

I need my phone to work, communicate with friends and family or update myself on what is happening around the world. But if my phone was affecting my sleep, then I had to find a solution. I set my phone to tell me how much time I spend using it daily. I can proudly say that I am now doing 4 hrs daily from 11 hrs. Also, I avoid using my phone before sleep and it is working positively for me. I am even more aware of my surroundings and I get to spend more time with the people who are important to me.

  • Bright light

I am sure a lot of people find it hard to sleep with lights on. But do you know that having bright lights at night either in your living room or bedroom can affect how you sleep. It is advisable to have dim lights in your bedroom and living room. The dim lights also help you sleep. I find them very soothing or relaxing. There is also a light therapy that  is used on people with chronic insomnia, but I will leave that to the professionals.

  • Stress 

There are different theories surrounding how stress affects sleep but in my opinion, it depends on the person. For me, stress makes me feel tired and I sleep too much. Maybe more than is necessary. I have heard people say that when stressed, they tend to lack sleep. Either way, sleeping a lot or less is not healthy for you. Avoid stress and stressful situations. Talk to someone if you have something bugging you or stay away from toxic people and relationships. Mental health is important for everyone, especially you.

  • Different sleeping schedules

 I am mostly a victim of this one and I find myself changing my sleeping patterns a lot. Sometimes I sleep at 4 am and wake up at 10 am or 12 midnight to 7 am. I am still trying to establish a pattern for myself. I am working on midnight to 7 am which is very manageable. I have tried many times, failed and succeeded, but I am not giving up until my sleeping pattern is constant. 

If you try all the above and your sleep is still not normal, or your insomnia exceeds 3 or 4 months, I suggest you see a doctor. Better safe than sorry.
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