Pregnancy? : My huge announcement 2019

Pregnancy? : My huge announcement 2019

I have been taking a one month period off my blog because I wanted to concentrate on myself more. That is what led to this huge announcement which I am about to make.. If you are a close friend you know that I was off my blog which is very rare nowadays because I wanted to stay healthy for my babies. Some of you probably know the news by now  because of the title but no one knows how I found out or when this happened.

I wanted another baby for so long that I even had a name,and always talked about it so often with close friends especially Meghan who somehow beat me to the game. Congratulations love. Meghan is a mom by the way and she is one of the sweetest people I know. Did I mention that she has a killer hairline(her brows are thin though)?

By another baby, I am not saying that my first child is an actual human child. My first born kid is Torik Diaries and I love her so much. She is a she because I am better with baby girls.

The beginning..

Anyway, on  28th of February, I started feeling weird. I thought that I had food poisoning because I was throwing up like hell. So, I was not so quick to see a doctor for some reason because I thought that it would go away in a few days. Three days later, I could not stand the smell of my favorite air freshener, I hated how my toothpaste felt in my mouth and I was always craving roasted maize which I am not even a fan of.

I did not suspect anything since Miss Red was not due for another week. I fed my cravings and never bothered to tell anyone because I thought it would go away with time. This led to me watching what I ate and trying not to re-heat food. I have had a case of ulcers before and I somehow thought that they were coming back.

Fast forward to a week later…

It was time for Miss Red to pay her visit but somehow she was missing. This was my birthday week and I was out of Nairobi. To be honest, I was not alarmed by it because change of climate can make Miss Red a little messed up. So, I thought that she was mad about the hot climate and she did not want to come out of hiding. My cravings were bad and somehow I thought that it was because she was almost visiting and many girls experience the same thing. 

Another week later and Miss Red was starting to annoy me because I could not find her. I was nervous and was freaking out because I knew what it probably meant but I did not want to accept that I was going to miss Ms Red for another nine months. It was kind of exciting to think of it though.

I decided to wait out another day and then I figured out that she was not coming. I talked to my man about it and we got a kit to make sure I was not over reacting which I am very good at. Scratch that. We got three different kits just in case the first one decided to give us a heart attack. 

Doctor’s appointment…

Funny thing is, all of them gave us different heart attacks but none of us died. Obviously, we had to see a doctor for conclusive reports and guess what? I was three weeks pregnant! This was shocking even after finding out from the kits and I have no idea why I expected different results. Maybe it is because I was never prepared for a baby. 

My boyfriend was excited about it because he has always wanted a baby. I still suspect that it was intentional on his part. You know, trap the woman with a pregnancy and she ain’t going anywhere type of thing. I will find out some day. So, we went home and I was still in shock because I had no idea whether I was  cut out to be a mother yet and I was scared shitless because I was not even ready to have a little monster in my life. Do not get me wrong, I love babies so much especially when they belong to other people. 

I have lots of nieces and nephews who I have seen grow up. Cute little things till they can walk, or till you wanna sleep, or you have cleaned up, or you are trying to feed them. That is when you will know that monsters are not huge scary creatures. Monsters are tiny and cute. No offence to short people.

Becoming Mama Bear:

A few days later, this guy was smoking near me and that is when the mom beast was unleashed. I asked politely, and then I was not polite. Do not wait for details. In less than a week, I had become a guardian of the galaxy. A galaxy which was growing in me. I loved this little human growing in me to the extent that I was willing to learn quantum physics, astrophysics, programming etc to be prepared just in case there was an apocalypse. All because of one tiny being who was not even the size of the bread that I eat.

Yesterday I went for my doctor’s appointment and more news awaited. The doctor noticed two heartbeats. Two babies? Wow! How about the financial strain! But who cares right? They are worth more that any dime in the world. I am now officially a super mom.

Anyway, two are better than one. 

Respect to all mothers and mothers to be out there. You are our heros.


It is never that serious after all, right?


But I have a new baby and her name is Torik Merch. She is on instagram but she will be growing so fast soon.

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