How to make traveling less stressful

How to make traveling less stressful

July 2017 – Traveling for some time has been a rich people’s thing until a few decades ago. Honestly speaking, I have not travelled the world but that’s why traveling is here… for you to travel the world and experience different cultures and lifestyles.

The most difficult things facing most people are finding destinations, budgeting and the whole traveling hustle which by the way is not a walk in the park. But hey, this is why I am here.

In Kenya for example, destinations are plenty. But the major issue is deciding on which one to visit. Being a Kenyan, visiting the same places over and over again makes the thrill go away. But how do you get the thrill going? How do you know where to go and what to do? How will you plan for all the traveling?

Below are the top 7 don’ts in traveling to avoid hating (or disliking) your traveling expeditions;

Don’t carry and flash large sums of cash
This also implores you not to exchange money at dubious-looking places or with individuals on the street unless your aim was to get broke before your traveling is over. This is a common mistake most tourist do especially those traveling abroad. There is a reason why they say that money is the root of evil. Unless you want to be robbed,killed or harmed, please keep your money safe away from prying eyes

Don’t look like a tourist by dressing like one, appearing lost or consulting a map in public.
How does one know you are a tourist? The way you present yourself. If you want to go somewhere and you are not familiar with the place don’t go alone. Ask someone to accompany you and try as much as possible to avoid danger zone areas or areas that are known to be insecure. Avoid dimly lit areas especially at night.

To “blend in”, observe how the locals behave and dress and try to do as they do. If you feel lost just go into a shop or hotel nearby and only consult with the employees there.

Don’t walk with a bag slung loosely over one shoulder, and keep your bag on the opposite side of you from the road to forestall a thief on a bike from snatching it.

In addition do not carry a backpack that looks like luggage. Suspicious eyes wondering what might be in your bag is the last thing you would want.

Don’t leave valuable items in public view; that includes your passport as much as your iPhone.
Someone once told me that if you travel, if you don’t need your passport or Identification Card or any important document that you have with you just leave it where you are staying. Snatching happens and everything goes. In addition, if you have fancy items and expensive things with you or on you, either hide them in your bag/pocket or just leave them. If you walk around with a watch that screams 10000$, then chances are that you will be a target for something and believe me,that something is not a lottery win.

Don’t drive an obvious rental car, the more discrete the better; keep maps and travel brochures out of sight in the glove compartment.
Heard of the famous saying that you should trust nobody in a foreign or new location country but you? If you haven’t now you have. Never trust anyone with your life too.

The last thing you want is drawing attention. You will make friends, you will hang out, you will have fun and you will want to tell them everything. Don’t let everyone in easily.You rented a car, you are living in a hotel room, you are visiting places etc scream tourist on deck. Try as much as possible not to tell people details of your nature if travel,where you stay and avoid showing that you can spend money even when you are rich.

Don’t park anywhere but a well lit place, don’t leave valuables in sight (lock them in the trunk), and don’t pick-up hitchhikers.
Once upon a time there was a tourist who packed a car in a dim place where there were unguarded parking spots, three minutes after going into the rest room his car’s windows were smashed, the interior of the car wiped off of any installations and side mirrors stolen. Need I say more?

Dont stop to give people(hitchhikers) rides unless you know them.

Don’t break any laws of the country
Unless you want to be deported and banned from a country or sent to prison(for local torists) ,then just observe rules and report crimes to the authorities.

Traveling is simple. You just have to know how to travel. At the end of the day, be nice to everyone and avoid any situations that might force you to be rude.

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