First time flying experience | what they never tell you

First time flying experience | what they never tell you

“The most courageous act of all times is conquering your fears”

Tori Karambu

Travelling to me is a hobby. I find it relaxing and it tends to aid me in re-focusing and re-evaluating my priorities. Weird, right?

My excitement for flying made me make a list of things which I would actually need to do before boarding, during the flight and after the flight. I look back and find it funny because I got to only do one thing; look out of the window the entire time.

My flight was set for a friday afternoon at 3:45 and being the lousy time keeper I am, I knew I had to be up early. And I literally woke up at 6am that morning. I know, it sounds funny but you probably have had an experience where you were to excited and you ended up being way prepared for it. But there is no harm in being overprepared, right?

Wrong. I was too prepared to focus on carrying a camera, charging my powerbank(for a one hour flight) and charging my own phone. The little details matter most, my boss always says and I surely echo that statement.

I had packed my clothes the previous day. So, I only had to wake up, take breakfast and get ready to leave. I wanted to be out of the house by 12 noon because I did not want a repeat of the SGR experience. Click here to watch.

*On my way to the airport

At 12 noon as planned, I left the house in the company of my cousin. I got there 2 hours before the flight and was among the first 50 people.


On arrival, I proceeded to the domestic departures. Unfortunately, my cousin could not go past the security check because she was not leaving. So I did not manage to take any good photos. I am awfully shy when it comes to taking pictures alone. Strange considering that I choose to be in the public eye. I was given a basket to put my things and I looked at it the whole time wondering what it was for. So, I waited to see what the other guys were going to do and followed. I got the shock of my life when I found out that we had to take our shoes and belts off. Like half of my trousers can not stay up without a belt and I was not sure my toe nails were made.

Luckily, my toe nails were fine but my trouser was not. I had to ask two times but the answer was that I had to take off my belt. (Lesson learnt: no belts or shoes that are complicated to take off). I placed them in the basket and proceeded in through the security check in door. Then I picked my items from the other side of the conveyor belt and  put them back on which I shouldn’t have.

Check in

I proceeded to the check in station and printed my itinerary. But first, I was asked if I had any liquid exceeding 100mls and I stupidly said yes. Naively, I even opened my bag to show them the lotion and was forced to either throw it away or pay extra for my luggage to be loaded. I opted to pay because the lotion is more expensive. The price paid was kshs 1 500(Tip: DO NOT be this naive). I was issued with my ticket and proceeded to the waiting bay as I got something to eat.

Security check 2: I had to take off my shoes and belt again. So this time I did not put my belt back on till I got to the plane.

I honestly felt lonely though I had a book and my phone. We started boarding at around 3:50 pm. I managed to take a video here and there of the boarding process. Click here to watch the video. It might not flow as intended but I am getting better at Youtube videos with time.

I was very excited to be finally on the plane and I was trying really hard not to scream out of excitement.

Take off

The stars were in my favor because I had secured a seat by the window and I assume it is because I booked in early. The flight attendant gave us instructions which I half heard because I just wanted to get off the ground and to me, she was delaying that.This is not the case though. Always pay attention to these little instructions. My seat belt was on before she even started talking in case you are wondering.

Finally, the long wait was over and the plane started moving. At first, it was very slow because we were getting to the runway but I did not know that. I was wondering the whole time how on earth this was considered fast. After a short distance it stopped for a split second and started moving but at a mind blowing speed. Within a minute or so it seemed, we started ascending.

This was exciting and terrifying. I felt as though my soul was leaving my body and my blood felt as if it was all in my head. The feeling, to be really accurate, was that of falling from a high building or the feeling you get from staring down from the top of a high building or ground.

Before the announcements that tells you that it is okay to now get comfortable, I had trouble keeping calm. First, each time the plane moved up higher or swayed when changing directions, my heart would skip a beat and I would relive the take off all over again.

Up in the air


The most beautiful experience in flying, I realized, is observing the world from up in the sky. Everything looks neat, clean, organized and just remarkably beautiful. I do not know if you have had the same experience but I was looking back at the times when I was little. I had promised myself that I would also be up in the skies some day,and here I was. There was probably a me down on the ground promising him/herself the same thing. I pray it will come to pass and they will comment here when it happens. 

I, of course took as many photos as possible and some of them are attached. Apart from that, I was too excited to notice anything wrong or to even find the washroom. I sat there the whole time taking photos and videos for the YouTube video.


After what seemed like 10 minutes(approximately 40 in reality), the announcement that we were about to land was made. That was the fastest journey I have ever had and it was by far the most exciting, but I was more happy that I was getting off because I did not have to worry about anything wrong happening anymore.


Landing is more like taking off. Only difference is that your soul is left somewhere in the clouds for a brief second before reality hits you that this craft is landing. And you have no idea how that will happen at that velocity. The planes wheels(I hope that is the name) came out of their hidden little space(forgive my lack of better words) and I braced myself for the landing. It was finally time to land and I closed my eyes in anticipation for a bumpy landing but honestly, the landing was very smooth. We finally came to a halt and my journey had come to an end.


We alighted the plane, picked our luggage and I was off to a weekend of fun and adventure. Stay tuned to find out what I did and do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter.

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