Learning how to embrace your flaws

Learning how to embrace your flaws

I have been debating on whether to post anything today because I have been feeling a little lazy the past two days. Procrastinating is like a drug, once you start, it is very hard to stop. Most of the time, you either take too long or never do what you had procrastinated. I guess this is  one of my flaws.

So, here I am with yet another blog. You may also want to note that my fonts are always changing which is completely intentional.

About Flaws

Let us dive right into the topic and talk about flaws. What are your flaws? Are they sources of your insecurity? Well, to begin with, every person has a flaw. I believe even Beyonce has some flaw(s). So don’t you read this and think in your head that you are perfect because you are far from perfection. Humans are imperfect, even Jesus says that no one is perfect but God.

What is your imperfection or flaw? I have a couple of flaws but I will just talk about one and how it has made me a better person ever since I embraced it. I would also love to mention that I have physical flaws which is inclusive of big upper arms. B\ut if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have started to embrace them with grace.

I did not post a blog on Monday because of procrastination. But apart from that, I have been consistent and it has helped my blog a lot.

My Flaws

So, one of my biggest flaws is that I tend to be very selfish especially when it comes to time, emotions and personal stuff. And the funny thing is that when I do, I also tend to over-give which has overtime led to me getting hurt. In turn, it has resulted in me being more selfish. I have been in a situation where I did not notice when someone was being fake because I was busy over-giving. 

Now the effed up thing is that I am very selfish now especially with my time and emotions. I am emotionally available to very few people. I nowadays tend to give time to family and very close friends. Unless the rest is earning me money or benefiting me somehow, then I tend to avoid those situations a lot.

Over the past few months I have learnt how to keep busy and how to better my life and the life of those around me but I am constantly faced with the selfishness issue which I find really hard to solve. I have been trying to learn about how to be less selfish but turns out that I am a bad protege and selfishness is not as bad after all.

Short Story

I had a little incidence about two months ago… You know what? Scratch that! It was not a small incidence. It was catastrophic and I ended up kicking effed up people out of my life for good. I have been trying to be less selfish for the wrong people and that sucks. Anyway, This year was amazing for me apart from a few glitches here and there that I managed to fix. A lot has happened this year that also taught me valuable lessons that I will pass on with time. But the most important thing is that there is nothing wrong with me. I just had really weird people in my life.

Ever since I realized that sometimes being selfish can protect me, I have embraced that side of me like never before. I am happier with who I am as a person and what I am accomplishing for myself. By selfish I also do not mean that you should not help your friends when they are in need. Or that you should be self absorbed. You should care for those who matter and ignore those who do not. It works a lot and it keeps you happy and grounded.

Selfishness for me involves;
  1. Spending time with those people that you care about and who do the same for you because care and love is two ways. This means that when you are not spending time with these people, you are spending it with God, yourself or your hustle.
  2. Not caring for those who do not care about me. Snitches get stitches, fake people get nothing. If you know, you know.
  3. Giving to only those who need it, not who want it. Those who want it most of the times do not need it.
  4. Not sharing things that I have bought because people tend to overstep. There are those careless ones who will either not return it or who will return it in a condition that it was not in before. Which means that you will be pissed and you will become more selfish.
  5. Keeping my circles very small. 
Sometimes we have to accept our flaws and embrace them by making them our strengths. I have had a keeping time flaw but I am nowadays very punctual which amazes me. Make up does derail me a lot. So, most times I do not need make up and that is why I have kept off make up for a while. I put on make up if I am going to a function or event or I am having dinner with him. Other times, I try to keep it simple. A lip balm and  mascara are all I need to push through my days.
I hope you learn to embrace you inner and outer flaws. Explore your flaws and learn what makes them worse and focus on how to make them your strengths. Never let anyone make you feel different because you are flawed. The important thing is that you stay as you. We have a lot of theys, we now need a you because there is only one of you, and that is you.
Always remember that Tomorrow will be better.
Much love.
Next post is on Monday.


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