Places to visit in mombasa on a budget

1. Take a Ferry ride

Most of us have read about ferries but very few have actually been on the ferry unless you have been to Mombasa or you live in Mombasa. To be honest, my first experience on a ferry was amazing. I felt like I was in a Kenyan titanic, only this time, the titanic was a little rusty and it was a moving bridge. I might have also played the titanic song in my head. A little silly, I suppose. To use the ferry to cross from Mombasa to Likoni or the vice versa is totally free by foot. I am not sure about the price per vehicle but it depends on the type of vehicle and if you are carrying anything. Roughly, the prices are between kshs 150-350.

2. Chill at Mama Ngina Drive 

I wish I owned an apartment by Mama Ngina Drive. It overlooks the ocean and the view is totally to die for. There are places along Mama Ngina Drive where you can get food . There is street food of course. A particular restaurant I loved was Galaxy Chinese Restaurant because it has good food, good ambiance and it overlooks the ocean too. They also serve large portions which is quality and quantity for your money. You can also choose the option of carrying your own food or snacks and eating as you enjoy the view. This would cost you nothing.

3. Marikiti Market.

If you are staying at a holiday rental home or villa and you want to get fresh vegetables, fruits and spices then Marikiti is the place for you. The air is filled with beautiful scents of spices and the people are really friendly. As you go deeper into the streets, you will find shops that sells African wear, dashikis, deras and basically anything that comes to your mind when you think Mombasa. Items are relatively affordable and for 300 shillings you can get groceries for an entire weekend.

4. Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is full of history. The place will somehow make you sad if you imagine that decades ago people were held as slaves there but it is definitely beautiful. It makes you feel like a mother of dragons especially when you spot the skeleton and are wondering whether it belonged to a dragon but it is simply the skeleton of a whale. Just make sure you explore it fully. You will also see a buried human skeleton from the 80s. The price for Kenyan adults is kshs 200 and kshs 100 for kids below 16 years of age. Prices increase if you are not a resident.

image_123986672 (1)

5. Mombasa old town

Do you want to feel as though you are living in ancient times? Take a walk along the streets of Mombasa old town which is literally opposite Fort Jesus and get to see the beautiful Portuguese and Islamic architecture. Most of the buildings are old as the name suggests. There are many curio and antique shops in case you want souvenirs too. 

Your total budget would be as below. Note that prices tend to vary with nationality.

1. Ferry ride: Free

2. Mama Ngina drive: Free

3. Marikiti Market: Kshs 500 depending on what you want to buy

4. Fort Jesus: Kshs 200

5. Mombasaa Old Town: Free

So, in total you spend less than kshs 1000. But if you want souvenirs, you will need more than a thousand shillings.

Watch the below video for full tour.


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