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Blogging is kind of like one of my many jobs. Some days like today I do not get my motivation until the last minute and now I have to meet a midnight deadline because I want to stick to the schedule. I am not a schedule person so I mostly just get up  up and decide what to do. I plan ahead and as long as I get everything accomplished on time, I am good.

Blogging is not easy. In case you are out there saying how bloggers have it easy, then you need to read to the end. Do not worry, I try to make my blogs as short as I can. Who wants to read a whole composition of irrelevant stories? Definitely not me. I read a whole lot but there are days that I honestly do not want any kind of writing near me. Not even on Kilimani Mums.


I have been thinking a lot lately. I am not sure if it is adulthood or fear of the unknown but part of me still wants to do travel blogging. Also, I hate how everyone is a travel blogger when their content is clearly not about or related to travel. And I hate that I said that when I am a health blogger yet I am all over the place. There are days I feel that I do not know what the hell I am doing but thing is, I honestly do love writing and I do not want to be constricted to one particular niche. Can you blame me for being a post millennial? Doing the same thing over and over again gives me anxiety. 

Someone will read this blog and they will see how all over the place I am. But I am honestly in the need of expressing how I feel right now in one tiny article that you will probably not even read to this point because you are too busy to support a young woman(sobs quietly).

More Rants

Early this year I was really excited to do travel blogging. I was doing well until my head decided to tell me to shift to health blogging because it knew  that I am obsessed with health. And my question is, can’t I do both? At the end o f the day, it is my blog and I am allowed to be as creative and expressive as I want. I want to be a travel health blogger(the name clearly makes no sense) who is free to be herself and not some zombie blogger. Google ads will have trouble getting me my schmoney but hey, at the end of the day I win. 

So, I am guessing by now you have figured out why millennials quit so fast, right?

If not, let me break it down:

  • Routine work.
  • Boring activities 
  • Lack of a way to be expressive and creative
  • Living in Utopia
  • Cluelessness
  • Procrastination which leads to disinterest
  • Yearning for more than is available
  • Lack of the necessary tools to be creative
  • Bosses who do not understand the dynamics of millennial minds(I had a very great boss earlier this year by the way. Story for another day)
  • Add, in the comments, what I left out.

Honestly, I am hoping that you at least got something from this and I hope you understand that I am actually going to write about travel too. 

Thanks for checking in and have a lovely week. Remember that no matter how bad today is, TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER.

Next post is on Thursday 


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