5 most dangerous places in Nairobi CBD

5 most dangerous places in Nairobi CBD

Nairobi is by far the most developed city/town in Kenya but it also has some of the most dangerous places.  If you have been to the city and your phone or bag wasn’t snatched then you are lucky. However much you try to be careful, the thieves seem to be more dangerous, careful and swift.

Have you ever been mugged in broad day light? Some of us have witnessed it happen may it be on tv, on social media or from a distance maybe in the safety of our own cars. But remember, in Nairobi, even the cars are not safe.

Around Kenya National Archives

This place year round is always busy. It is known for mugging and snatching. People are either seated or standing at a corner making calls or waiting for somebody. The presence of trees makes it creepy at night and the ever present ‘preachers, dietitians and pastors’ enables the pocket thieves to manoeuvre through the innocent audience into pockets and bags.

So, if the next time you find yourself around this place just make sure your wallet is not in the back pocket, your phone is in the bag or pocket where you feel it, and the zip of your bag to the front.


If you want to go to Masaai Mara you go to Nyamakima bus stage. It is located off river road and it is in downtown. River road is the most famous road in Nairobi. It is known for fake products and cheap skin products. If you haven’t heard of the saying, “avoid River Road during the day and night,” now you do. Nyamakima is as dangerous as river road, maybe more. Muggers and snatchers roam here.

Uhuru highway

You have heard of side mirror snatching, right? The thieves are like hyenas. They snatch the mirror and run(that’s how the hyena symbolism comes in). You can be in traffic and thieves could be stealing your car parts. There is no possible solution to this but hey, if you can use a matatu, then do. But the best solution is to be alert in traffic and pray God that the annoying thieves don’t snatch your side mirror.

Muthurwa market

Years ago a friend showed up barefoot. You guessed right, the muggers took everything including his shoes. Another story was a guy who was robbed off everything but his boxers.

So don’t go to Muthurwa with a prada bag and in a pair of backyard shoes like an uptown person because you will be back to you house with nothing but your dignity( that’s if they haven’t figured out a way to steal it too). Muggers and snatchers seem to live here


 Snatchers and muggers roam here too. Be careful not to let your bag out of sight. It is located near/next to Kenya National Archives and this explains why both are mugging/snatching spots.

Generally, be careful when you are in Nairobi. People get mugged anywhere and at anytime. Never leave your bags unattended, avoid the theft prone areas if possible and always be aware of your surroundings.

It does not matter where you are in the world since somehow there is always someone somewhere who wants easy money or property. 

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